Exit Planning

Whether you are exiting a career, relationship, or selling your business, appropriate exit planning can save you money on taxes in order to protect your nest egg.
  • Did you know that it takes at least 5 years of planning and implementation to get a business “sell-able”?
  • Did you know that different types of income can be taxed very differently therefore, the assets that you hold in your portfolios can have a huge impact on your overall tax liability?
  • After the “great recession”, do you know how much you should have in your nest egg, how much you can spend yearly in retirement, and how long the nest egg will last?
Amy’s expertise can demystify the transition process. The hard core truth about implementing an exit plan is that it takes education, hard work, and time to manage and execute the plan properly. Amy always starts with a base of education whether the goal is selling a business or retiring from a long and prosperous career. Once the client is educated in the process, then the client develops an exit plan and begins down the road. As a former educator, Amy understands that sometimes the plans don’t work out or goals change so plans are always fluid due to these irregularities.