The accounting profession is built on a model of inefficiencies possibly charging extraordinary prices for services. In my years as an accountant, many of my clients ask the same questions and need the same help, while other clients fear asking questions to avoid being billed for every minute. Their reluctance to ask questions often results in doing things incorrectly leading to an expensive mess. Secondly, the CPA answers the same question to each of the clients and collects money on a continuous basis from all.


There is a better way at Amy Bentley, CPA!


If you answer “no” to any of the questions below then it is time to discover a whole new way of accounting.

  • Does your accountant answer all your questions at no charge?
  • Does your present accountant understand your business?
  • Does your current accountant return your phone calls promptly?
  • Does your accountant understand your special needs as a small business owner?
  • Does your accountant provide both tax preparation and tax planning?


I truly believe that if the inefficiencies of the accounting profession are removed, then clients can receive a higher quality of service for less money.

In order to become efficient and effective in a rapidly changing world, CPAs should specialize in one type of client and leverage technology in order to get the information out to the client in a low cost and timely fashion.”

Amy Lynne Bentley


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Prescott, AZ 86301
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• Payroll Services/ E-verify
• Bookkeeping
• QuickBooks Training
• Sales Tax (TPT) reports
• Business Consulting
• Business Tax Returns

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