Amy Lynne Bentley, CPA PLLC

Amy Bentley has spent her lifetime as an educator and a student. She has degrees in biology and education and spent 17 years teaching Chemistry and Advanced Placement Biology. In 2002 she decided to make a career change and began the journey to become a CPA. Amy passed the CPA exam on the first attempt in 2005 and began her new career at a local CPA firm in Prescott, Arizona. After 3 years of putting her education and training into practice, she formed her own accounting firm in 2008. Amy started the firm because she believed that there was a better way to serve clients of the accounting profession.


In her work at two local firms, Amy saw clients who were frustrated with their CPAs. Much of that frustration was rooted in the fact that the typical CPA just produces forms for the client to sign with very little understanding on the part of that client as to what they were signing or why. What Amy discovered was the failure of CPAs to provide even a modicum of education and planning to their clients. Amy firmly believes that financial education, as well as taxation education and planning are a necessary basis for having a successful business and paying as little tax as is required by law.


Her commitment to educating herself is so strong that she far exceeds the annual CPA requirement for education and continues to maintain her annual QuickBooks Proadvisor certification.


Amy’s commitment to educating her clients is so strong that she meets frequently with them, holds educational seminars, and makes resources available so they can deepen their understanding of finances and taxation.

My business plan combines my natural talent for math, ability to remember and apply laws, and teaching skills to develop an environment where small businesses and individuals are not only given exceptional accountancy, but are nurtured, educated and guided through the complex maze of taxation.”

Amy Lynne Bentley


136 Grove Avenue
Prescott, AZ 86301
Fax: 866.645.1713


• Payroll Services/ E-verify
• Bookkeeping
• QuickBooks Training
• Sales Tax (TPT) reports
• Business Consulting
• Business Tax Returns

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